Concerned Fathers Against Crime seeks to demonstrate fatherly responsibility in every way deemed helpful to the community, beginning with "eyes-and-ears-only" patrolling guided by the local sheriff and in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. The end goal is the safety, security, and well being of each county.

Josephine County C-FAC has been patrolling in Southern Oregon for over 12 years to the acclaim of law enforcement, from the sheriff to the city police. We are a strict non-involvement organization, fulfilling a useful function by being the eyes and ears of law enforcement. C-FAC maintains its mainstream approach to helping law enforcement by recruiting busy responsible fathers. We are your neighbors, friends and colleagues, your doctors, your teachers, your business owners, realtors, contractors, pastors, and plumbers. C-FAC volunteers patrol out of genuine concern that something needs to be done to keep criminals from becoming permanently established in our area. The secret to C-FAC has always been lots of men committed to doing only a little. We are not really an organization you join, but rather a system you use to make a difference in the community - all we ask for is 6 patrols a year.

Our mission is to coordinate the women of our community in a continual letter-writing campaign the focus of which is to express motherly concern, both locally and nationally, about America's increasingly negative culture and its effect on our children. By writing letters on issues that affect the public square, we seek to raise consciousness among community and national leaders, including business leaders, as to the dangers of exposing our youth to various forms of corruption. Our campaign's purpose is not related to private behavior but only to behavior that has public impact on children.

C-MAC has been in existence since the spring of 2004 when it began its six-month pilot program. All we asked of our community mothers was one hour every two months. Our official launch was in October of that year and we've been writing cards, notes, and letters ever since, urging leaders of all kinds to remember the children of our community. And they have! C-MAC mothers have been overwhelmed at the positive response from business and community leaders.

Concerned Youth was created to give young people an opportunity to help the community in a significant way while not overwhelming their already busy schedules. Simultaneously the C-Y system creates a great opportunity for adults to interact with youth without overwhelming their schedules either. How this happens is simple. Every Saturday morning different groups of youth, each along with their adult guardians (willing parents and Concerned Families members), patrol the city's downtown picking up litter and reporting graffiti. This easy task not only keeps the downtown cleaner and allows adults and youth to work together, but it also sets an important example of community connectedness.

Our motto is, "Serving our Community by Supporting our Youth." One Saturday morning - every two months - is all we ask, and this allows busy but conscientious citizens to join the fun of being part of something pro-active, effective, and easy to fit in our lives.

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